Remix Album by AlmostAvrilLavigne

Hello Black Star. I wanted to tell you something! Recently, more and more remixes to come up to my YouTube account. The reason is that I will be do a remix album by Avril Lavigne published soon. Only a record contract or producer's contract is missing.You can see the full remixes also on the Internet to listen to my side so far is only a remix in Germany is also blocked because I have countered the video again where it was the copyright. The track list is also presented. Where you can listen to 30 seconds. Of course, the download is done so that you can load it up on your smartphone or iPhone (m4a).The cover you can download separately or the tracklist for the CD burning.You can do it in two formats is MP3 download number one and two is M4A.

Tracks: Almost Avril Lavigne (Remixes - EP)

01 Black Star (Twinkle Lullaby Remix)                                                                1:03     

02 Keep Holding On (Club Intensity Remix)                                                       3:07

03 Rememeber When (Cosmic Round Club Remix)                                       2:53

04 When You're Gone (Dream Trance Remix)                                                   5:20

05 Wish You Were Here (Club Rockerz Mix Edit)                                               3:18

06 Smile (Industry Electronic Remix)                                                                   3:26

07 Hot (Deadline Epic Remix)                                                                               7:07

08 What The Hell (Hip Hop Mix Edit)                                                                    3:11

09 Alice (Apocalypse Mix Edit)                                                                               3:49

10 Innocence (Electronic Remix Edit)                                                                  2:00

11 4 Real (Monster Instinct Remix)                                                                      2:50



Bonus Tracks: (Deluxe Version)



14 Hot (Rap Mastered Remix)                                                                               2:40


updated soon!


I'll be release on 20th October 2012

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Buy it!